Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act CPSIA

Dear Valued Customers,

As most of you already are aware, the Federal government has passed a new law called the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) that was originally designed to protect the health of children. This law is very complex and is regulated by the CPSC and has become effective February 10, 2009. One aspect of the law involves limits on the levels of lead in infants’ and children’s footwear.

We at Trimfoot want to assure you that we have been aware of this law from the beginning and have made the necessary steps and procedures to produce our shoes and other products to be in compliance with the CPSIA. As required by the law, all of our products manufactured after November 12, 2008 will have a General Conformity Certificate filed electronically, accessible online. Please visit our website at if you would like to see these documents. All products manufactured before November 12, 2008 currently in our warehouse have been tested and will also meet the new standards.

Trimfoot has been marketing infants’ and children’s footwear for over 100 years, and we place the safety of our products to our ultimate consumer as a very important priority. I sincerely hope this information helps give you confidence in our products. Please contact your sales representative or our Customer Service department at (800) 325-6116 if you have any questions.


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