About Trimfoot Co., LLC

The babies', children's, and dance footwear specialist.

Trimfoot Building front

     A leader in the infant's and children's footwear trade, Trimfoot Co., LLC develops and sells quality footwear across the broad market spectrum under such name brands as Baby Deer, Wee Kids, Natural Steps, School Issue, Dance Class, and Lindsay Phillips, as well as under many private labels.

     As a privately held company, Trimfoot operates with the advantage of a seasoned, knowledgeable team including its own in-house marketing department, customer service and design staff, as well as critical production, quality control and shipment monitoring.

     Today, after over 100 years in business, Trimfoot continues to commit itself to serving the needs of customers in the ever-changing and demanding retail environment with their knowledge, expertise and technological capabilities.


J.B. Reinhard Sr. founds the company as Wizard Lightfoot & Appliance Co. in St. Louis, MO, making insoles, arch supports, and heel pads.


Wizard Lightfoot & Appliance Co.'s name formally changes to Trimfoot Company.


Baby Deer branded infant shoes and children's footwear launches.


Offices, manufacturing, and warehousing moves to a 40,000 sq. ft. facility in Farmington, MO.


Trimfoot obtains license from Walt Disney Productions to produce slippers.


Trimfoot introduces Davy Crockett moccasins, Bambi shoes, and a Mickey Mouse collection.


Trimfoot introduces Davy Crockett moccasins, Bambi shoes, and a Mickey Mouse collection.
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